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A van for every journey

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Our ever growing range of vans can cater for whatever you've got planned.

Our standard van hire fleet is split into small, medium and large vehicles. Here's our van fleet at a glance.

Our small vans

The Renault Kangoo is one of our options in our small van range. These vans are the ideal partner for those DIY projects you’ve been meaning to do. From clearing the garage to re-landscaping your garden, these vans will help you cross off your to-do list. But why not extend your rental and load up your bike, tent or fishing rods and head off for an adventure?

Approximately 3-4m3 Renault Kangoo or similar

  Outside Load space 
Length 428.2 cm 147 cm
Height 180.5 cm 125.1 cm
Width 182.9 cm (213.8 cm) 114.1 cm
Payload 575 - 595 kg  


Approximately 6m3 Volkswagen Transporter or similar

  Outside Load space 
Length 519 cm 280 cm
Height 198 cm 138 cm
Width 191 cm (245 cm) 169 cm
Payload 1100 kg  

Our medium vans

Hire a mid-sized Budget van and you will drive off in one of four trusty load-haulers. The VW Transporter is a real driver’s van, with electrically assisted power steering and serious road presence. The Opel Vivaro comes chock-full of safety tech and can carry you and your load in comfort. 

Approximately 9m3 Opel Vivaro or similar

  Outside Load space 
Length 542 cm 312 cm
Height 226 cm 166 cm
Width 205 cm (245 cm) 178 cm
Payload 1100 kg  

Our large vans

Representing the larger Budget vans in our fleet, the Volkswagen Crafter can carry payloads of 1,258kg. With a conveniently low loading height and the ability to swallow sofas, beds and white goods with ease. The van reveals a generous loading width between its rear wheel arches and lots of handy cabin storage space. No matter what your hobby, we’re confident these vans can accommodate your kit, so load up, head out and take your hobbies to new destinations. 

Approximately 14m3 Volkswagen Crafter or similar

  Outside Load space 
Length 694 cm 430 cm
Height 270.5 cm 194 cm
Width 242.6 cm 178 cm
Payload 2000 kg  


Approximately 20m3 Ford Transit or similar 

  Outside Load space 
Length 650 cm 405 cm
Height 320 cm 220 cm
Width 250 cm 212 cm
Payload 800 kg